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Ages 0-2yrs

Nursery is available after worship service 10:45am

If you need assistance during worship, the room is set up for parents to use.

It is located straight across from the gym/sanctuary doors in the PreK room at the foot of the stairs.

There will be a volunteer staff member to attend nursery at the end of worship.

Nursery is no longer located in the portable building outside by the playground. 

What to Expect for Kids Church

Kids ages PreK -5th grades join their families for worship every 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays!

Our kids are apart of the body and we encouraged them to worship with their families!

1st and 3rd Sunday, kids check into the North Room as early as 9:45am for their own worship and teaching time. PreK-Kindergarten kids  after worship, go to their own class located in the hall on the way to the North Room. 

Kids are released when parents/families sign out their kids between 11:30-11:45am. 


**Please keep your kids with you when they are not in Kids Church. We desire that all kids are kept safe and not running in the halls or parking lot unattended.  Parents are welcome to stay with their kids on the playground after church if they are want to continue fellowship with others. 


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Get Involved

Volunteers Needed For the following:

  • * Nursery Helpers 2-3 for designated weeks. 

  • * Prek Teachers 2nd and 5th Sundays, training available

  • * ON CALL /Substitute teachers and helpers willing to jump in! 

  • Get involved with our next generation army! Sowing into them is the greatest blessing!

  • Contact Kelsie Bergquist, 541-507-7029

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Clyde 541-295-4530

Kelsie 541-507-7029

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We'll be in touch!

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