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Welcome to the




of Grants Pass

"Sing about a fruitful vineyard: I, the Lord, watch over it;

I water it continually.

I guard it day and night

so that no one may harm it."

In Pursuing His Presence

we experience His love;

in Living in Community

we practice His love;

in Expanding His Kingdom

we demonstrate His love.

Isaiah 27:2-3



Sunday service

Weekly at 10 AM
Main Sanctuary

sunday fellowship

Weekly at 9:15 AM
Main Foyer 

   Sunday    Pre-Service


Weekly at 8:45 AM
Portable Room

Connecting Points is where we get connected at the Vineyard. Here you'll find opportunities for fellowship, prayer, service, ministry, and support. Come on in and see where the Lord might get you connected.

prayer chain

What is a vineyard?

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